Project Request

Awesome you landed here! Before we start

I will advise that you read my process before proceeding with your enquiry. 

There are a couple things I want you to know to see if we’re both ready to board the same ship. So…    

We'll be a good fit if:

  • Your project is clear and prepared.
  • We share the same values
  • You’re unbiased, not one-sided and considerate of all ideas during the process. 
  • Your project excites me. I believe to do work with little interest is damaging to both sides.
  • You consider what’s more important than signing a contract—trust. A working relationship based on mutual trust is a lot healthier than the constraints of a binding contract.

Project Request Form

If you require other, please describe your needs in the next box
Provide all possible applications
Minimum two weeks in advance to allow full discovery of your project

Unsure about anything or have a general question? Hit me up via email at:




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