My Process

The Illustration Process

Here's what to expect

I stay intensely curious. I want to know the answers. I don’t particularly jump straight into a project (think of sport, there’s a tonne of preparation before the main game) Instead, I spend a great amount of time understanding what your needs are, understanding how you work, your business and why your brand is important. 

Every brand-owner or small-business has their own definition of success. So I will definitely ask what your version of success looks like. What I can ensure with your project is we hit all three keys—Story, Consistency, Experience.

I’ve done my best to streamline the process into as few stages as possible. 

Discovery Phase

  • Project Request

Tell me what’s on your mind by filling out the project request form. I do advise to take time answering as each question is intended to paint the bigger picture. The greater the detail, the greater I can better serve the needs of your project. 

  • Discussion of project goals, vision and expectations

Your response to the project request form will serve as a foundation for this discussion. We’ll review your project goals, expected timeline and deliverables. If everything is sounding good, I’ll follow up with an agreement! 

  • Send Proposal and Agreement

Via email, I’ll send over a proposal that goes over the details of your project. At this point, nothing written here will be a surprise. Once I receive your deposit of 50%, I’ll add your project to my schedule. 

  • Research and Art Direction

It’s all been conversations so far. Here we will align the vision of the project with research and imagery.


Creative Phase

  • Ideation

I warm up the process with the information provided and start exploring potential ideas. At this point ideas are infinite, so after a few tackles I hone down to one concept that will most effectively achieve your goals. 

  • Sketching

The messiest stage but most critical. I spend a great deal of time refining the concept to as close to the final product as possible. 

  • Executing Concept

When the sketch is approved, it’s all about the execution. My years of Photoshop experience will augment your vision and final concept. 

  • Refinement

Since most of my illustrations are finished digitally, I pay extreme attention to the details of the piece so you’ll have a product that’s meticulous and beautifully crafted. Which means refining the illustration by taking breaks and continuing to refine with fresh eyes.


Final Phase

  • Presentation

The final artwork is provided in an online presentation explaining the design decisions from concept to completion. I explain why the chosen concept is the best solution based on the objectives of the project.

  • Final Payment

Invoice will be sent to pay the remaining fee. Note, no files will be sent over until payment has been cleared.

  • Deliverables Sent Over

All high-resolution deliverables will be sent via email and will be ready to use straight away! (For logo design projects, a branding guideline will also be provided)