Creating type-based illustrations—is the sweet spot between design and art. 


Hey! Glad you dropped over to my about section. 

I’m Jonathan and I’ve invested the last four years learning everything I can about custom lettering, graphic design, and content and social media marketing. I’m still a student of these topics but I’m certain I’ll be of value to your brand. I’m interested in growing fast, learning fast and giving your project the 100% attention it deserves.

I offer type-based solutions for brands who:

  • Who want to positively impact the world

  • Care about the success of their customers

  • Build together a product that help make our lives better

And I’m here to help you transform your brand’s message into a beautiful typographic visual, so you can sell more, engage more and inspire the people surrounding your brand. 

Why did I chose to take on typographic illustration? What is it? 

As a creative we take pride in being good at many things.

I did it all, graphic design, painting, 3D animation, branding, watercolour, character and identity design, the list will go on. Years into doing this, I was becoming a Jack-of-all-trades and a master-of-none. 

—Creating type-based illustrations for me is the sweet spot between design and art. 

With typography I’m able to use solid design principles to balance, structure and layout the best composition so the viewer is able to quickly understand the message. 

With illustration I’m able to add a unique finish with illustrative styles I’ve learned and explored throughout the years. Enhancing the message with branding components or personal aesthetics. 

This combination of letters and imagery adds a new dimension to my work. The interplay invites the viewer to focus on the details of the illustration and I’m no longer just communicating the message simply with letters, but elevating the typography to become more memorable. 


The Story

If you want to know more about my journey so far, these next few paragraphs are for you!

My assets include my drawing ability and obsession for making things—it’s been this way since I was kid (picture a chubby faced Asian kid with a bowl-cut, wearing a Power Rangers t-shirt and light-up shoes) Despite being top of most classes, drawing pictures especially copying cartoons from the Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon channel was an activity I wanted to do all day.

That's me protecting the streets of London

That's me protecting the streets of London

I was aspirational growing up. I had dreams of designing graphics for Nike, sell products like Sanrio on a global scale and influence millions on the power of illustration. I knew I wanted to be creative (like most creatives) but how to make a living creating was always the question (as well for most creatives). After graduating in 2012 I needed to make big adjustments. 

I found myself reading more books than in my entire time at University. That one year stint in 2013 “trying” to freelance was a massive learning experience. With my then, current mindset and limited business knowledge—I wasn’t going to succeed. 

The book that ultimately lead me to believe a creative career is possible was Austin Kleon’s “Steal Like An Artist”. He allowed me to embrace the creative process and rid of the fear of failing. I fulfilled this hunger to learn more by reading further creative business books from Paul Jarvis, Alex Mathers and Gary Vaynerchuck to name a few. 

I’m still learning, but I’m becoming more than just someone who creates images. I’ve started to understand digital marketing, brand strategy, sales, creative entrepreneurship, copywriting and the habits of successful people.

While I constantly enjoy the creation of typographic filled work, with the artwork I showcase and through the blog posts I write, I’m aiming to provide illustrators and designers the right knowledge, the right tools and the confidence to pursue typographic illustration. Life is a work in progress and I’m here to document and share my journey. 

I appreciate you taking the time to read the story if you made it this far. I hope I can be of value to you soon. 

– Jonathan 

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