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If Success Is Not Your Goal, Do This


I might be under fire after this article.

It’s a topic I wanted to get out and fits in well with these series of posts. I believe some people need to hear it. I’m going to be challenging some of your beliefs and values, so I’m prepared for anything you might not agree with. 

First things first... 

If Success is Not Your Goal, You Can Live For the Weekends

What did you do last weekend? Were you able to work towards achieving the goals you have set for yourself? Did you set any goals? 

I do know the struggle of working Monday to Friday when all you’re thinking about is the weekend. You're thinking about the fun stuff, having a night out or do the opposite, relax and wind-down. 

But if on a Sunday evening, you’re wondering where did my time go? Ask yourself: 

  • What did I work on?
  • Did my activities contribute to my goals?

If you want to be successful, there are no “Weekends”. 

Probably words you might have heard from other creatives and entrepreneurs say. What I believe the real meaning to be behind this phrase, is the mindset. 

When you’re at the beginning of your journey, this resilience and work ethic is what will help you get off the ground. It's about constantly moving-forward and making mistakes as you grow your skills and business.

But let's go back to Sunday evening... 

Growing up we associate the weekend with leisure, fun and games. It’s been ingrained. The reality is you’re just rolling around in your 20s. 

But weekends are made for parties, right? 

You agreed to going out this weekend with friends and have a good time because you allowed yourself to “need it”. When you realise you’ve failed once again to complete any work, that’s because you’ve filled your time doing other things.

Reflecting on what you worked on (or not worked on) should help you notice the time-wasters and the contributors. If you can’t remember what you did—that’s a big problem. 

If you don’t feel any closer to achieving your goals it’s because you haven’t set the time to work towards them. 


Intentionality Will Set You Up For Success

How Serious Are You?

You can really tell how serious someone is about being successful by asking what have they worked on in the past week. 

Had you been intentional with your time, you would be closer to your version of success. 

Maybe you have more responsibilities that you can handle, you’re “adulting” with a long list of tasks to do. 

In between adulting, socialising and your creativity, you have to decide what’s more important to you right now. And I don’t want to see you wasting your time doing things that are not creating the results you want. 

When I hear people say “nothing’s new” or “I haven’t been doing much” and then talk about how their life is not how they envisioned it to be, why have you not changed your lifestyle? 

A phrase I’ve heard and now constantly remind myself is:

The person you will be in two years, is the result of what you’re working on right now. 

Take a second to think about that.

Are you in a better position than you were two years ago?

Despite all that’s being said, you shouldn’t have to forget your favourite hobbies. However, I mentioned in my previous article…

Outside hours from the day job is your opportunity to work on your passion.

So it’s up to you. You can choose to disconnect with the world and focus on being productive. Or spend it like everyone else. 

Are you a loser if all you want to do is nothing during your weekends? No.

Are you a loser if all you want to do is nothing during your weekends, but complain you have no time for anything? Hell, yes you are.


Change Is Difficult

Accepting you’re going to have to change some things will challenge you. Maybe you’re still wondering you need the weekend to recharge. And maybe the day job is just so overwhelming and drains all your creative energy during the week that you’re left with 1% battery.

Here comes the next step and the next article.

5 Mindsets to have while working at a day job

See you next week! 



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