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Stop Thinking And Start Doing Things!


Life is good. You wake up, stare at your phone. It’s 7:00am. You brush your teeth and go about your morning routine.

While sipping your coffee (I like caramel lattes!) you turn on your laptop to see another 30 sales. Boom. 

How awesome does that sound? 

Making an income while you sleep is a dream. Unfortunately for me and maybe for you, that’s where the dream stops. You wake up and where are you in reality? Yep, still rushing to work and going about a usual day—nothing new. 

There’s a vast difference between people who think about what life could be and people who do things to make their ideal life a reality

People who just think, are stuck. People who take action are goal-oriented people, they're the ones who will be successful and in their minds, are already successful. They can visualise what success looks like for them.   

Most people, especially myself find getting started as the barrier preventing you from ever completing anything.  

The First Failure is Where Most of Us Stop

Not everyone bounces back and try again. There’s a fear of failure and that’s why most people never pursue what they want to do. They’re settling. 

Maybe you have no clue what you want to do for the rest of your life? It’s certainly a tough question to give a concrete answer to. But here’s the thing… 

Choose something, make the first step and move forward. 

You won’t know what you really want to do until you have at least attempted something. Get over the initial fear of failing, make the attempt. 

The whole idea of just doing things is to get you used to creating, building, moving so you gather (nerd-side coming out) experience points. 

You’re not going to be the best right now, but what you’re doing is helping build towards the person you will eventually become. 

I talked about investing in yourself in my previous post and the decision really has to start with you. What are you doing to make the necessary steps to get there? Are you setting time for these goals? Are you committed to a schedule? 

That’s why Nike is one my favourite brands and have always been attracted to what they stand for. 

Just Do It

I don’t know if you can get any more simpler and actionable than that? Straight-forward, direct and there’s a deeper purpose that we identify with. 

It’s Easy To Assume Successful People Happen Overnight

At least, that’s what it looks like to the viewer.

I’m not where I want to be in terms of success as of writing this post but I’m sharing my experiences with you so you can understand what the journey is like, because after all that’s one of my goals for the these blog posts—to share with honesty while helping you grow as a creative.

I’m not just thinking about my ideal life anymore. I’ve started taking action. You’ll be able to see results if you simply set the time to practice or learn new skills, sticking to a schedule and eliminate distractions.

If you’re constantly thinking about what could be, you’re not placing your focus in the right area—the present. 

How you are spending your time is crucial. 

I said earlier the difference between the thinkers and the successful people are the ones who take action. 

I’m not dismissing thinkers. You of course need to think about a plan of action. I’m just talking to the people who think about what they want to do and what they say they will do—with little to no action.

My hope is if you’re reading this, I’ve stimulated you enough to start taking action on something, no matter how small that thing is. If you want to have the sort of lifestyle that I described in the beginning of this blog post, here’s what you can do… 

Three Actions You Can Take Right Now

  • Don’t wait until you have the ideal or perfect circumstances to begin creating—start right now.
  • Actually do the work.
  • Creative progress only happens through practice, practice and yep, more practice. 

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