Helping growing creatives produce their best work through mindset, personal development and productivity tactics.

Who Is My Blog For?


When I discovered who it was I want to help, my work became a lot more focused, relatable and relevant. 

I was no longer spitting out content hoping to reach someone. I was starting to provide value. I know value is subjective to each person and it’s the reason why you can’t help everyone. That’s why you need to serve a specific group of people to provide greater impact to their lives.

So I want to take you through who this section of my website is for and what I’ll be writing about with this blog to make your life easier. 

What are you going to get out of this blog? 

My aim is to provide an honest and straight-forward approach to creating type-based illustrations to illustrators who want to help businesses grow using the power of their art. 

You don’t have to be an expert to teach

Some people wait until they reach a certain point before they start teaching others. Instead why not teach what I know as I grow with you? That means, my writing will be fresh, will give a sense of who I am as a brand and yourself and I will always be learning. I’m here to share the journey, share what I’m struggling with and simply be here to help. 

My writing will aim to solve the problems you have as a growing creative

Maybe you’re experiencing creative block, the brief is overwhelming, or you just don’t know how to get your work “out there”. My goal is to help your creative journey less difficult and improve your type-based illustrations so you can start working with the brands you want to work with. 

What do I want to leave you with?

I want to empower creatives with the knowledge that will take their illustrations from beginner to pro. Again with an honest approach, I’m still growing as much as you are which means I’m not going to know everything. In actual fact, I don’t want to know everything because the world is developing at a crazy rate, there’s an unavailable amount of knowledge to learn, experiences to dive into and millions of unique stories to be shared. 

I’m going to be wrong sometimes

And I’m willing to admit it. There’s struggles I’m trying to overcome too and heaps to learn. So my one promise to you is if I make a mistake, I won’t hesitate to admit to it. Plus, I’m open to feedback and criticism. I want to hear from you too!  

So I want to share and teach the information you need to hear, with no beating around the bush and advice that I believe will resonate with your situation. Maybe you’re just starting out in creating typographic illustrations or you’re searching for tips to take your designs to the next level, I hope you takeaway at least one practical tip, encourage you to always ask why and as Steve Jobs said“put a ding in the universe”. 

What topics will I be covering?

I have great topics in the queue that I’m looking forward to sharing with you! Topics that I’ve either had conversations about with my peers and some of the struggles I’ve seen illustrators facing. 

To get a feel of the topics I’ll be covering, I will be writing about:

  • creative mindsets
  • building your illustration brand 
  • illustrative techniques to improve your typography (lettering, brush calligraphy, photoshop and digitisation) 

All in the context of bringing value to brand-owners, your clients and your audience. 

Branding and typography are two subjects that I’m extremely passionate about. So as well as teaching what I know about these subjects, I’ll be sharing from time-to-time relevant resources that will bring new perspectives and connect you with more tools and information to help you grow. 

If any of this resonated, I want to invite you on board! I know it’s going to be an awesome one. 

Reach out on Twitter! @jaytenart

ps. I’ll be starting a mailing list real soon so you can get these posts straight to your inbox. Will update when it’s all ready!