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Increase Your Productivity By Finding The Right Work Environment


It’s so easy to get distracted when your work area is not in its optimal state. Let alone your mind in the right state. 

For most of who are building a business around our passion, there is a challenge to find an area where we can just work.

How many of us have a dedicated work space in their home? 

For me that’s a goal I want to achieve sometime in the future, a room, an office purely for working. At this time, there’s too many distractions at home for me to create a dedicated work environment. 

That’s why coffee shops are the perfect environment for me to get a hell of a lot done. Productivity increases, the ambience is just right and there’s a nice level of busy-ness.  

Dedicate An Environment Purely For Work

Separate where you relax from your work station. So that as soon as step into this environment, you are 100% focused on completing tasks set. It’s a neat trick that will tell your brain to switch to work mode for that moment. 

If you are struggling to get into work mode, have a look around you and the area you’re choosing to work in. Is it full of clutter? Messy? Or just full of, stuff? Clear the area or at least manage the space to be in an condition that works for you. Have bits to keep as inspiration if it helps but any unnecessary items, get them away! 

Be Consistent With Work Associated Areas

You can’t be deciding where you’d like to work on the day, as that time could be spent actually doing work.

The work I do is mostly remote so all I really need is my laptop and phone. I can jump into work mode because i’ve made the association with my laptop as work and media consumption on my phone. And oh hell yeah, it’s tempting to log into Twitter or Facebook while on my laptop—train yourself to avoid logging in during work. Your productivity level will raise because you’re not distracted.

I know many artists and designers who can do work at home. And that’s because they have made their room or space in their home associated with work. And the more consistent you are with associating the area with work, the easier it would be the enter focussed mode and get stuff done! 

I want to be able to work in a park but my battery life sadly is poor (my Macbook Pro is around six years old!) Sounds like an excuse, though? 

Of course I can work in a park. I just need to make the association and dedicate the park for making notes, planning a blog post or just sketching. 

The idea is to do your best work in the space you work best.

But I’m a massive fan of coffee shops. I go to my local Costa often to the point where I’ve become known to the managers.

Five Benefits Why Coffee Shops Are Great For Working:

  • Distractions are minimised
  • Quick access to that much needed beverage
  • Possibility to network with other creatives
  • Potential clients all around you
  • And of course, free wifi! 

Sometimes a change of environment can be the trick needed to boost your productivity. Be sure to plan ahead and chose your work space beforehand. 

Three Actions You Can Take Right Now

  • Declutter. A fresh, clean area can easily heighten the need to do work.
  • Separate relax mode and work mode. Associate work mode with an area dedicated for work only.
  • Be consistent where you work so you can build association and enter focus mode easier. 


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Many thanks for reading. ’Til next time!