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Never Run Out Of Ideas By Curating Your Social Media Feed


What we let into our lives shapes who we become.

We are who we eat as they say. For creatives, we are what we consume. 

This is why you need to consume content that will fuel the positive thoughts so you’re always in the mindset of “I can” and “I will”.

So, mindful consumption. What does this mean? 

Your inspirations, what you share and what you say is the result of what you consume on a regular basis. Let me just disclaim here, I’m not talking about consuming food (although I’m pretty sure consuming healthy food will help) This topic is about taking in information that is meaningful so that you never run out of ideas and are inspired to create your best work. 

Feed Your Brain With Meaningful Content

You’re going to remember certain messages from a video, or a blog post and even from a friend's Facebook status. Is what you’re reading on social media helping you improve your life creatively? Do your friend’s Facebook statuses seek attention? Or do they inspire you to make a difference in the world? 

If your social media timelines are not inspiring enough, this is the result of poor curation. 

You have to filter out the noise. 

There’s already so much information out there, more than what we could read in our lifetime, so why waste time reading things that won’t benefit your long term goals. 

Filter Aggressively

Cut out, block, hide and curate your social media feeds. 

Once I did this, what I began to see on my timeline inspired and filled me with positive energy to work on my craft. Someone complaining about not their job certainly won’t do anything positive for you.

Your social media timelines should be curated like a fine art gallery. If you’re finding yourself seeing nonsensical things, then you’re following the wrong person. 

Sometimes we feel under obligation to “follow back” someone, almost feeling discourteous. 

You may disagree, but you don’t have to follow back, it’s totally up to you. Obvious? I know I’m guilty of following back someone even if I didn't quite like what they were posting.

Your social media feeds should reflect your interests. 

Because that’s the reason you follow people right? You have control of who you follow and you can choose what pages and posts appear in your timeline. What we let into our lives, has an effect on who we become.

Once your feed has been cleansed, you’re now able to create what illustrator Jake Parker calls a “Creative Bank”. 

He says the reason why you struggle to have ideas is because there’s no “money” in the bank. The money represents your ideas. How can you spend your money if your bank is empty? How can you create a project if there’s no ideas in the bank? 

Your social media feeds will benefit your inspirations and help fill your creative bank of ideas. Your timeline is a tool for creativity—if you let it be.

Three Actions You Can Take Right Now

  • Begin taking care of your social media feed by selectively and only allowing the people who bring value to your life appear on your timeline.
  • Next time you see an irrelevant post immediately unfollow. We don’t have time to read or watch nonsense. 
  • I know this article is about curating your social media feed, but spend more time creating than consuming by putting on a time restriction spent on social media.


And hey, I appreciate you for reading this week’s article!

What did you takeaway from today? Did you learn something new or did you straight up disagree? Would love to hear your feedback! Do so by tweeting me

'Till next time.