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The Fundamental Step All Creatives Should Take


What do you think the role of learning should be in our lives, especially as we grow older?

Deep question? 

You bet.

I see most creatives believe the act of learning stops after graduating. At least, the creative part takes a backseat because “life” just started—or some might put it, just got real! 

You’ve been through years of lectures and seminars and you’re finally free. Why should you continue on this educated path? Well…

Learning Is The Fundamental Step To Become a Better Creative

Maybe it’s the word “education”? Let’s replace the word with “learning”. 

First off, there’s the whole college/university culture of staying up all night (I was one of them) but even after graduating, everybody would still rather binge a TV show than work on their responsibilities. And depending where you grew up, you’re looked at weirdly if you want to get your coursework done earlier and this is also seen as “uncool”.

Disassociate learning from schools, college and university. 

If you’re serious about achieving what you’ve set out to achieve, you now have the freedom learn a skill to power up your creative skills. 

And look at that, the selective part of learning is the best part! 

You’re no longer being thrown into a module you have zero interest in—you can now invest in the areas of your craft when and where you chose.

If you’re surrounded by the right type of people, you’ll probably hear about their goals. You might also hear how important “goal-setting” is to the point where it becomes annoyingly repetitive. 

I believe this—we are happier when we set ambitious goals. We’re able to take ownership over what we achieve, define how many hours we get to learn, pick what we want to practice. Your own personal development is a way to build your own happiness and not become reliant on others. 

But you have to treat learning as a thing you do. Then... 

Decide what you need to learn then act upon it. 

However, until someone wants to change, they won’t want to change. 

The “waiting for something to happen” attitude unfortunately covers most people in life. From wanting that design job, to losing weight and wanting to be rich. You need to want to change (that sentence was weird but hopefully you get the point!) 

Love The Act Of Learning

Loving the act of learning is also a skill itself. 

The most successful people understand there are always new skills and techniques to learn. 

You want to learn a new skill? You have to learn. 

Why are people good at what they do? It’s because they dedicate the time to learn the craft. Especially the fundamentals.

A logo designer becomes good at designing logos because the creative has studied the elements that make up a good logo. A copywriter can write a 1000 words in 10 minutes because they learned through reading and practicing. 

You can only improve by first making the choice to improve. 

If you’re not learning or have no interest in learning more—you are not serious about improvement. 

I’m speaking to the people who have the capabilities to succeed, but they’re just waiting? I don’t know what they’re waiting for, but I know not taking action, not seeking new information and not improving your skills is sure way to let your goals die. 

But once you love to learn, start consuming the right type of content. 

Soak in books, consume videos, watch tutorials, invest in courses, meet up with like-minded people and no doubt you’ll become a better person.

Learning keeps me going and I’ve exercised that need to learn and apply new techniques to the illustrations I create.

To put it simply:

  • Learning can enhance what you already know.
  • Learning can lead you to teach what you know
  • Learning can lead to greater opportunities for you career.


Three Actions You Can Take Right Now

  • Write down the most essential topics that will help you reach your creative goal. 
  • Take small steps. Becoming a life-long learner is not for everybody, but the successful ones are successful because learning is part of their core. 
  • If your path still feels uncertain, read why fear of uncertainty is normal here.  


Hey, I appreciate you for reading as always!

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