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Three Reasons Why You Should Never Stop Learning


Do you get excited when you learn something new? 

I consider myself a life-long learner. To me, learning is refreshing. 

Achieving a new skill, unlocking a new interest—I ferociously want those experience points. 

However, some of us still overlook the importance of learning and complain, then do nothing about it. 

Rather than light a fire under you, here’s three reasons why you should never stop learning if you’re a creative, articulated in the best possible way that I could! 

Alright, let’s go. 

1. You’ll Become Indispensable

What does it mean to become indispensable? 

One of my favourite writers, Alex Mathers wrote a book about being indispensable and he describes it as

… becoming the very best option for a select group of people rather than a mediocre solution to many.

Learning will help you become indispensable. 

Your mind will expand. Knowledge is power, right? When you become indispensable to your organisation, your business, family you’ll then become irreplaceable

I believe this is what creatives should strive for.

You don’t want to be just another logo designer. What other value can you bring? This is where learning will add real benefit. Can you understand how your work impacts the bottom line of a business? Can you empathise with your client’s concerns? This is value.

What if you’re missing skills? I can’t see any other answer than to learn.

There will always be room to sharpen your swords.

I want to become a Photoshop pro which requires a supreme amount of hours. I may not even achieve that in this lifetime, but that doesn’t bother me. Because I love the act of learning.

Rarely will you be doing the same limited tasks. The world is rapidly changing. 

Be the person who is indispensable. 


2. You’ll Become Humble

I try to approach a new encounter as an opportunity to learn something new; because there’s a billions of people living on this earth, potentially that’s a billion different stories. 

One of the biggest turnoffs for me is arrogance. *Insert Kendrick’s Be Humble*

A person who claims they’re the best has to back this proclamation with action. With little to show, you can’t possibly be the best. This is where the act of learning will open minds to all sorts of people, projects and patterns. 

When you learn something new, you realise how little you know—once you understand this, you’ll start to focus on what really matters. 

Your self-confidence will also shine when you openly admit you don’t know anything. Accept that you don’t know everything because even experts don’t. And that’s key. 

Allow yourself to admit what you don’t know, to allow yourself to learn new things. 

There is something valuable to takeaway from some of the conversations you have, you just need to listen and be present. When people see that you’re interested in learning from them, you’ll look that much smarter. 

Try to always take something valuable away from your daily interactions.


3. You’ll Become A Master

I don’t know what mastery looks like yet. And again, this is why learning is so beneficial. I’m looking forward to understanding what mastery is, and when I get there I’ll be sure to write about it for you. 

What I do know is, to truly test if you know something—teach others. 

Teaching reinforces what you know. 

What you learn can impact the lives of others. Or at least trigger curiosity in others. Either one of these is not to take lightly.

Teach others what you know over time. I’m currently taking my own advice by sharing these blog posts with you because if what I’m learning now is helping me grow, I’m sure this will be helpful for someone else. And funnily enough, they’ll turn around and teach their people. 

If I had to break the few steps I know to achieve mastery, it would be:

  • Seek people who know what they’re talking about 
  • Listen to them
  • Take action on new skill
  • Document progress
  • Share your progress
  • Teach from experience

Learning is one of those cycles that is okay to get lost in. 

Attaining information, training and wisdom should be a part of your daily routine, whether that be an article you come across, a five minute YouTube video or a conversation on a podcast. Be curious enough to pick up the gold that’s out there. 

Learning leads to more learning. Love the act of learning and enjoy the process.

Three Actions You Can Take Right Now

  • You know about to-do lists? Now create a to-learn list. 
  • Try to learn something new from your next encounter,
  • Make a note of what you learned and bonus points if you understand why this new addition was helpful.


I freakin' love this topic and as I continue to learn more about creativity and design I'll be eager to share my knowledge with you! 

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