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Importance of Rest for Creatives



Boy, it feels like an eternity since I stretched my writing muscle. 

I took a four week break from writing articles to my website so that I could: 

  1. Catch up with personal and client-based projects
  2. Step away from my writing commitment 

The second point might shock you, because I’m all about staying committed to a weekly output of blog posts, but as I’ve learned during my short break that there are exception to rules. 

We can’t afford to not take breaks.

While we’re running our creative businesses, the last thing we want is the content-creator (usually ourselves) to fall ill or be creatively burnt out. Which is why it’s in our best interests that we do take a step back from our hard core schedules and commitments.

Hence, why I thought it would be a good idea to introduce the return to writing on why rest is important for creatives. Crucial, in my mind.

The Incubation of New Ideas

I’ll start off by mentioning the top companies in the world rest their employees.

Google has a “Living Laboratory” for employees to generate ideas for their product. AirBnB pays for employees to have vacations and seanwes pays it’s team to have one week off every seventh week. Incredible.

There’s a reason why this works, and not everyone sees the value in resting. It’s all go-go-go within other companies. They also fail to know that designers can’t schedule great ideas. And in the case of companies like google, you can’t schedule innovation. 

However, you can schedule rest. 

That’s why I believe rest is important for the creative process. 

Rest is an extension for creating our best work. 

You’re allowing ideas to spark, incubate, ferment, marinate, solidify, insert other metaphor here. 

So take a step back, give your brain the room to breathe so you can create bigger, more meaningful ideas. 

We’re Not Robots

At least, I’ve yet to be described as one. 

Some of my online mentors get poked at because they’re super hard-working and rarely show signs of emotional behaviour. While funny, they’re able and so will you be able to generate a tonne of work once you allow yourself to recharge. 

Our brains need a little more than just oil in the tank.

Despite spouting this advice, I’m going to try to do more of this and that’s to have time for recreational activities. That means a little more exercise and more drawings.

Wait, draw? I thought you said to take time away from work?

The type of rest will differ from person to person. How you choose to recharge is dependant on their personality. To not steer too far from today’s topic, I’m an introvert. And while extraverts enjoy being around other people, I love solitude. And that works for me. 

Take Care Of Your Body

“Hard work never stops” some would say. Well, it should stop. 

If you’re able to go 100mph all day err’ day, then no doubt do this if it means you’re getting closer to your goals. Just remember to know where your limits are because the last thing I want for you is to crash after going from project to project with no break in between. 

By resting, we’re not just resting our minds, our overall well-being is affected.

It’s important to slow down, have some time for reflection and generally chose activities that will refuel you—whatever that may be, because we all need creative rest. 

Worrying that resting is time wasted, or low priority because you have supposedly have 50 other “important” things to do, is taking your health for granted. 

Give yourself the space you need to take a break once in a while. You need it. 

One Action You Can Takeaway Right Now

  • I’ve made this weeks action simple, and it’s simply to schedule when you want to rest.  


I'm excited to be back! Many thanks for reading this week's post! Say hi on Twitter and let me know if this has been useful for you! @jaytenart